RPG Match

Renegade Game Studios & RPGMatch Partner to Bring More Players to the Table!

Tabletop matchmaking service, RPGMatch, and award-winning games publisher, Renegade Game Studios, are excited to announce their partnership! Renegade publishes an expansive catalog of roleplaying games, from Werewolf: The Apocalypse and Vampire: The Masquerade to the Power Rangers and My Little Pony Roleplaying Games. Fans of these RPGs can now unlock an exclusive Renegade badge for … Read more

Paizo + RPGMatch Partnership

Paizo banner

RPGMatch is excited to announce a partnership with Paizo, the award-winning publisher behind the blockbuster tabletop games Pathfinder & Starfinder! With this partnership, fans of the Paizo games can now unlock an exclusive badge for their RPGMatch profile to let people know about their affinity with the brand: This badge not only shows in the … Read more

Modiphius + RPGMatch Partnership

Modiphius Entertainment

RPGMatch is excited to announce a partnership with Modiphius, the award-winning publisher of the 2d20 tabletop roleplaying game system as well as renowned TTRPGs Achtung! Cthulhu, Cohors Cthulhu, Dreams and Machines, Dune Adventures in the Imperium, Star Trek Adventures, and more! With this partnership, fans of the Modiphius games can now unlock an exclusive badge … Read more

Free League Publishing Partnership

Free League Publishing

RPGMatch is excited to announce a partnership with Free League Publishing, the award winning publisher behind games like Dragonbane, Blade Runner, The One Ring, ALIEN, Vaesen, and MÖRK BORG! With this partnership, fans of the Free League brand will be able to unlock an exclusive Free League logo for their RPGMatch profile: Additionally, they will … Read more

RPGMatch’s Origin Story

My name is Joaquin, and I talk a lot to people about the RPGMatch app – a web app designed to allow tabletop role-players to connect with one another. Most of the time, if people have played tabletop games, they immediately grasp the value of the app, but they also want to know why I … Read more

Virtual Tabletop Profile: Quest Portal

Quest Portal Character View

One of the core values at RPGMatch is this: everyone deserves to play TTRPGs the way they want. Keeping this in mind virtual table tops (VTTs) have become an important part of how people play online.  We will be adding the ability to filter by VTT over the next month, and we are kicking this … Read more

Monster of the Week – TTRPG Review

Have you ever watched Buffy, Supernatural, or the X-Files and wanted to be there alongside them fighting monsters and aliens? In Monster of the Week, you assume the role of archetypal characters from ‘monster of the week’ style shows and hunt down monsters in an action-horror RPG. Someone assumes the rule of the Keeper who … Read more

What is a table top roleplaying game?

Close-up image of role playing dice of various shapes and colors spilling out of a leather dice bag on a character sheet. With in the background a ceramic drinking jar, a pencil and an eraser

Table top roleplaying games (TTRPGs) are games of collaborative storytelling, that work a lot like “let’s play pretend” but with rules.  Most table top roleplaying games require nothing other than your imagination, a friend, a rule book, and some dice. As the field has grown, some games have been created that use blocks instead of … Read more