Roll20 VTT Review

Roll20 home page screenshot

Roll20 is a great option for playing TTRPGs online and the best part is that it is free but that is not the only upside. Roll20 is capable of supporting some board games and card games. Finding a game and players is essential to playing any game and if you can’t meet in person you … Read more

Foundry VTT Review

Foundry VTT Review

At the height of the pandemic and while I was still new to TTRPGs, I was in the market for a VTT that suited my purposes. The first I tried was too bare bones and half the time failed in its key purpose. The second was not optimized and limited in features, its free version … Read more

Virtual Tabletop Profile: Quest Portal

Quest Portal Character View

One of the core values at RPGMatch is this: everyone deserves to play TTRPGs the way they want. Keeping this in mind virtual table tops (VTTs) have become an important part of how people play online.  We will be adding the ability to filter by VTT over the next month, and we are kicking this … Read more