Free League Publishing Partnership

RPGMatch is excited to announce a partnership with Free League Publishing, the award winning publisher behind games like Dragonbane, Blade Runner, The One Ring, ALIEN, Vaesen, and MÖRK BORG!

With this partnership, fans of the Free League brand will be able to unlock an exclusive Free League logo for their RPGMatch profile:

Additionally, they will be able to select and find matches for the full roster of Free League games, both new and old:

  • Dragonbane
  • Blade Runner RPG
  • The One Ring™ RPG
  • The Lord of the Rings™ Roleplaying 5E
  • Twilight: 2000
  • Vaesen – Nordic Horror Roleplaying
  • Symbaroum / Ruins of Symbaroum 5E
  • Tales from the Loop RPG
  • Forbidden Lands
  • Coriolis – The Third Horizon
  • Mutant: Year Zero
  • The Walking Dead Universe RPG (to be released in Q4)
  • Into the Odd Remastered
  • Death in Space
  • Pirate Borg (to be released in Q3)

How do I get the badge?

Free League Publishing holds the keys! They are able to share a shortcode with fans that will unlock the badge and let all of your gaming friends know that you are a true fan!

About Free League Publishing

Free League Publishing operates as a game studio and publisher with a focus on speculative fiction. Situated in Stockholm, Sweden, the company is recognized for its commitment to creating imaginative worlds. The ENNIES, a prestigious award, has consistently acknowledged Free League as the Fan Favorite Publisher in 2020, 2021, and 2023. Renowned for producing exceptional tabletop roleplaying games and acclaimed art books, Free League transports its audience to extraordinary realms.

The studio’s forthcoming releases encompass an array of captivating titles, including the spin-off RPG PIRATE BORG derived from MÖRK BORG, the captivating Zone Wars – A Mutant: Year Zero Wargame, and The Walking Dead Universe RPG.

Presently, Free League’s gaming portfolio boasts an impressive lineup. This collection encompasses the fantasy RPG Dragonbane, the official Blade Runner RPG (acknowledged with two Gold ENNIE Awards in 2023), The One Ring™ (recipient of the Gold ENNIE Award in 2022), Tales From the Loop – The Board Game, the official ALIEN RPG (acclaimed with the Gold ENNIE for Best Game in 2020), the Gothic horror adventure Vaesen – Nordic Horror Roleplaying (honored with three ENNIE Awards in 2021), the pitch-black fantasy RPG MÖRK BORG (recipient of four ENNIE Awards in 2020), the alternate ’80s-themed Tales From the Loop RPG (winner of five ENNIE Awards in 2017, including Best Game), the retro-fantasy creation Forbidden Lands (awarded four ENNIE Awards in 2019), the post-apocalyptic sensation Mutant: Year Zero (garnering the Silver ENNIE for Best Rules in 2015), the captivating science fiction realms of Coriolis – The Third Horizon (distinguished with the Judge’s Spotlight Award in 2017) and Death in Space, the dark fantasy realm of Symbaroum, the unconventional-fantasy universe of Into the Odd Remastered, the cyberpunk realm of CY_BORG, and the newly revived edition of the RPG classic Twilight: 2000 (recognized with the Judges Award for Best RPG at the UK Games Expo in 2022).

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