Virtual Tabletop Profile: Quest Portal

One of the core values at RPGMatch is this: everyone deserves to play TTRPGs the way they want. Keeping this in mind virtual table tops (VTTs) have become an important part of how people play online.  We will be adding the ability to filter by VTT over the next month, and we are kicking this off with a series of in depth articles on some of the different VTTs that are out there.

Quest Portal Overview

Quest Portal is a new virtual tabletop (VTT) created by gamers for gamers, featuring innovative technologies unseen in the VTT space. The app is user-friendly and accessible for both new and experienced GMs and players, enabling them to start telling their stories quickly and without complicated systems. Quest Portal is designed to be easy-to-use with minimal setup, allowing players to focus on the story. The goal of Quest Portal is to make online gaming more accessible and efficient, combining features into a single tool including:

  • YouTube playlist, 
  • Google docs, 
  • Zoom, 
  • Discord
  • Map builder

Quest Portal is free to try today at

Quest Portal Campaign View

Quest Portal’s Notable Features

  • AI avatar generator – allows every single player who uses Quest Portal’s app access to a custom portrait of their character. Read more about Quest Portal’s ai ethic statement here
  • Mobile App – an iOS version is available now on the Apple Store for existing players allowing for chat between campaigns and dice rolls.
  • Map tools – the map includes features like fog of war, customizable snap-to-grid, and measurement tools
  • Dice roller – who doesn’t love virtual dice with the ability to save custom rolls without needing to re-enter them?
  • An ever-growing library of free maps, scenes, and music
  • Free Call of Cthulhu module – The Lightless Beacon

Quest Portal’s Limitations & Strengths

As of the writing of this article, Quest Portal looks like an amazing fit for anyone running a Call of Cthulhu campaign, with full character sheet integration. Currently running a campaign for D&D 5e, Pathfinder, or other system would require some manual record keeping. While that’s a bit of a bummer, I expect that they will be adding in additional support soon.

What Quest Portal does really well, is enabling queuing up of scenes (which is perfect for me). These scenes can alternate from ambience (an image background & music) to an actual map with fog, rulers, tokens and other lightweight tools. For me, this allows me both to do emersion, and give my players the tactical map elements they love – all in a single flow. (Prior to this, I kept switching things on in off in YouTube in the background.

Want to learn more about Quest Portal? Check their FAQ ( or just sign up for an account ( It’s free!

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